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Spill the beans

Coffee beans

Coffee 'beans' are actually seeds from a coffee bush

Today's Phrase

When you ask someone to spill the beans you are asking them to tell you secret information.


As soon as he was arrested the thief spilled the beans: he told the police about the other members of his gang. The police caught them all.

You spent a whole hour in the boss's office. Is he going to give a pay rise? Come on, spill the beans!

Take note

If someone is described as being full of beans it means they are full of energy.


Johnny was full of beans when he visited his grandfather. The old man did everything to please the boy.

Interesting fact

Coffee is the world's most popular drug that affects the way the brain works, according to the New Scientist magazine. Researchers say that over 90% of adults in the US drink it every day.

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