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Horse around

A white horse rolling on its back

This horse seems to be enjoying its roll in the sand. Photo: BBC.

Today's Phrase

To horse around means to behave in a silly way, making noise and causing disruption.


During the school holidays there was no peace in the house. Johnny and Annie horsed around all day, every day.

I was horsing around with some friends in the library - we got told to leave.

Take note

If someone tells you they heard something from the horse's mouth it means they heard it from the original source; therefore, it must be true.


Interest rates are definitely going up next month. The finance minister was talking about it on TV - I heard it from the horse's mouth.

Interesting fact

Horses were domesticated 6,000 years ago on the grasslands of Ukraine, southwest Russia and west Kazakhstan, according to a study by a Cambridge University team.

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