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Cats can see very well at night. They only need one sixth of the level of light humans need to see. Photo: BBC

Today's Phrase

Catty is an adjective used to describe sly words or remarks which are intended to hurt someone.


The rivalry between Hollywood actresses Joan Crawford and Bette Davis was famous. They were always making catty comments about each other.

Tony's catty remarks will win him no friends.

Take note

A fat cat is someone who has a lot of money and power.


Some people say state companies have lots of fat cats on their boards.

Interesting fact

Cats appear in Egyptian paintings and sculptures from 3,000 BC. They were used to chase mice in grain stores and were worshipped by people. Anyone who killed a cat was severely punished, and cats became so respected that when they died their bodies were often preserved as mummies and buried with their owners.

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