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One in the eye

A eye looks through a hole in an old letter

An eye looks through a hole in an old letter from a sailor who fought in the Battle of Trafalgar. (Photo: David Cheskin/PA Wire)

Today's Phrase

If you say something is one in the eye for someone, it means that something is a big disappointment or a defeat for them - but you are pleased about their disappointment.


I got the job! That's one in the eye for John – I've never liked him and I was sure he would get the position. Ha!

Our winning the championship was one in the eye for our rival team – they are always boasting about their skills.

Take note

If you see eye to eye with someone, it means you agree with them. If you don't see eye to eye, you disagree.


I like my new boss: we see eye to eye on how to run the department.

Interesting fact

The letter in this photo was written by a sailor who worked on board H.M.S Mars. It was written to his mother eight days after the battle of Trafalgar, describing his involvement in it. It's been valued at £800.

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