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Under a cloud

Mammatus clouds

Mammatus clouds move over fields in Virginia, USA. Photo: Peter Cihelka/ AP

Today's Phrase

When someone is under a cloud (of suspicion), people think they have done something wrong or have been involved with something illegal.


After 20 years at the company, Sean left suddenly under a cloud.

Money was stolen from Jane's desk and now everyone is under a cloud of suspicion.

Take note

If you are on cloud nine you are very happy and excited about something that has happened.


The team were on cloud nine after they won the match and the tournament.

Interesting fact

The clouds that make the above photo so amazing are called mammatus clouds - a name derived from the Latin word for breast. They hang under the main body of other clouds. Mammatus formations can be seen on any type of cloud but look most dramatic on cumulonimbus thunderclouds.

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