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A load of rubbish

A rubbish dump in Manila, Philippines

People near a rubbish dump in Manila, Philippines. Photo: Getty Images / Noel Celis

Today's Phrase

We can call something that is very low quality or not true a load of rubbish.


Did you see that England football match? It was a load of rubbish. They will never win the World Cup.

I was really excited about seeing Justin Bieber in concert but he was two hours late. What a load of rubbish!

Take note

Rubbish is a word mainly used in British English. In North America, people say 'garbage' or 'trash'.


Make sure the garbage is out. The truck picks it up today.

The trash really smells. Can you take it outside?

Interesting fact

The capital of the Philippines, Manila, has banned disposable plastic shopping bags because rubbish adds to the city's flooding problem.

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