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To have a big mouth

Holi One festival in Cape Town

A man is covered in coloured corn flour powder at the Holi One festival in Cape Town. Photo: Mark Wessels/Reuters

Today's Phrase

If you have a big mouth it means that you are loud, like to gossip and can't keep secrets.


Jimmy has a big mouth. Yesterday I told him that I am leaving the company and today everybody knows about it.

I could never be a spy. I have a big mouth!

Take note

The expression be all mouth, often found as 'be all mouth and no trousers', is used to describe someone who talks a lot about doing something but never actually does it.


I bet you haven't asked your boss about that pay rise you talk so much about; you are all mouth and no trousers!

Interesting fact

Inspired by the original Holi Festival in India, Holi One Festivals have travelled around the world to South Africa, Germany, the US and Singapore. Thousands of people, dressed in white, come together to share in music, dance and celebrate a new season.

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