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A yellow streak

A dancer's body is painted to look like a yellow tiger before a performance.

A dancer has his body painted to look like a yellow tiger as part of an awareness campaign in Kolkata, India. Photo: AP/ Bikas Das

Today's Phrase

If someone has a yellow streak, they are often scared or not very brave.


We went rock climbing at the weekend. I loved it, but my friend refused to try it. He's got a real yellow streak.

The public accused the government minister of having a yellow streak after he refused to answer some difficult questions.

Take note

If someone has a mean streak, it means they often do things that are unkind.


My boss won't give me a pay rise - he's got a real mean streak.

Interesting fact

Tigers are the largest species of cat in the world. Although there were around 100,000 tigers in the wild at the beginning of the 20th Century, there are now only around 3,000 to 4,000. Destruction of their habitats and poaching are blamed for their falling numbers.

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