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The hairdryer treatment

Sir Alex Ferguson shouting at players

Sir Alex Ferguson had something to say to player Wayne Rooney at an English Premier League football match against Aston Villa. Photo: AP Photo/Jon Super

Today's Phrase

When Sir Alex Ferguson was angry with his players, he shouted at them with such force, it was like having a hairdryer switched on in their faces. It became known as the hairdryer treatment.


"The fear of getting the hairdryer was the reason why we all played so well. He was a manager you wanted to do well for." (David Beckham)

Players talk of the moment a switch is flicked in Fergie's head, he presses his face close to you and gives you the hairdryer treatment.

Take note

If you say someone does not have a hair out of place, it means their appearance is very tidy or is perfect.


John did not have a hair out of place for his important graduation ceremony.

Interesting fact

'Fergie time' is the popular belief by supporters of other teams that if Manchester Utd are losing after 90 minutes, the referee will extend injury time long enough for them to score and win. 'Fergie time' is 79 seconds - games went on 79 seconds longer when Manchester United were losing than winning.

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