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Like a ton of bricks

A woman carries bricks on her head in India

A woman carries bricks on her head at a factory near Chennai, India. Photo: Babu/ Reuters.

Today's Phrase

If something is like a ton of bricks, it is very heavy. This expression can be used literally (to describe a heavy weight), or idiomatically (to describe a great shock or surprise).


I can't carry that bag all the way home - it's like a ton of bricks!

The news about her grandfather's illness hit Suzanne like a ton of bricks.

Take note

If something weighs a ton, it is very heavy.


Can you help me to move this armchair? It weighs a ton!

Interesting fact

Bricks are one of the oldest building materials in the world. The first bricks discovered date back to 7,000 BC and were made from sun-dried mud.

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