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A flash of inspiration

Lightning near Athens

A flash of lighting is seen in Piraeus, near Athens during a rainstorm. Photo: Elina Liberta/ AP

Today's Phrase

If you have a flash of inspiration it means that you get a sudden idea that helps you create or achieve what you were hoping to do.


John's new travel book was a huge success after the flash of inspiration he got while sitting on the bus.

The idea for my song came to me in a flash of inspiration!

Take note

The expression a flash in the pan refers to someone or something that is popular or gets noticed, but only for a short period of time.


Susan had a number one hit with her song, but after that we never heard from her again. People said she was just a flash in the pan.

Interesting fact

Lightning is a bright flash of electricity produced by a thunderstorm. Lightning kills and injures between 75 and 100 people every year - more than hurricanes or tornadoes. The highest death toll from a lightning strike was in 1971 when a passenger airline flying over the Amazon rainforest was hit by lightning, causing it to crash, killing 91 people on board.

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