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Like watching paint dry

Graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra putting the finishing touches on an art tribute to architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra puts the finishing touches on an art tribute to architect Oscar Niemeyer in São Paolo. Photo: Nacho Doce/ Reuters

Today's Phrase

If you watch something that is very long and boring, you can say it is like watching paint dry.


My girlfriend loved the Les Miserables movie, but I hated it. For me, it was like watching paint dry.

The chancellor's budget speech is on TV later. It'll be like watching paint dry!

I hate it when football is on the television, it's like watching paint dry.

Take note

If you paint the town red, you go and celebrate without control.

It's my 21st birthday on Saturday and I'm going to paint the town red.

Interesting fact

Brazilian graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra created a 56m tall artwork, pictured above, in the financial district of São Paulo. The artwork is a tribute to Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who died in December 2012.

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