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Dressed like a dog's dinner

Dogs dressed in clothing

Dogs dressed in clothing look on during a purification ceremony in Tokyo. Photo: Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/GETTY

Today's Phrase

If someone is described as being 'dressed like a dog's dinner', it means they are wearing clothes which are inappropriate for the occasion or too formal. This is quite a negative way to describe someone!


The dress code was smart/casual, but Linda came wearing a full-length ball gown! She was dressed like a dog's dinner!

My mum really embarrasses me, she always dresses like a dog's dinner, even when we're just going to the shops!

Look at that guy over there! He's wearing a tuxedo in this old pub. He's dressed like a dog's dinner!

Take note

A more polite way to describe someone who is 'dressed like a dog's dinner' is to say that they are 'overdressed'.

That crystal-encrusted dress is very beautiful, but I think you may be a little overdressed for an afternoon at the football.

Interesting fact

Five hundred pets and their owners visited the Ichigaya Kamegaoka-Hachiman shrine in Tokyo to celebrate new year and to pray for the animals' health and happiness. The pets received a special blessing during a purification ceremony.

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