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The lion's share

A white lion cub in a zoo in Mexico

A white lion cub plays at a zoo in Leon, Mexico. Photo: Mario Armas/Reuters.

Today's Phrase

If you have the lion's share of something, you have the largest part of it.

For example:

I'm having a clear-out and have decided to give the lion's share of my clothes to charity.

My colleague is very lazy, whilst I always do the lion's share of all of the work.

I get paid tomorrow, but the lion's share of my wages goes on paying bills!

Don't confuse it with

If you are told to do your share, you should do what is expected of you to help in a situation.

Edmund's done his share of the cleaning, so you should do your share, too.

Interesting fact

This white lion cub was born in Leon, in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. White lions are incredibly rare, with around 300 left in the world. Their colour is caused by a recessive gene, and their coats can range from blonde to pure white.

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