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In the long run

Alan Oliveira congratulated by Oscar Pistorious

Brazil’s Alan Oliveira is congratulated by South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius after winning the Men’s 200m T44 classification at the Paralympics. Photo: Eddie Keogh/Reuters

Today's Phrase

In the long run means ‘eventually’ or after a long period of time.

For example:

I’m not spending any money at all at the moment. Life is pretty boring but, in the long run, it’ll be worth it. I’ll be able to afford my dream holiday.

I’ve just quit smoking and I feel terrible, but I’m sure, in the long run, I’ll be much healthier

Jane hates studying but I keep telling her, in the long run, the effort will lead to a much better job.

Don't confuse it with

If you are 'on the run' it means that you are avoiding being caught, especially by the police.

For example:

After robbing the bank, the gang were on the run for a week before the police arrested them.

Police have issued a warning to avoid a dangerous criminal who’s been on the run since escaping from a high-security prison.

Interesting fact

The South African runner Oscar Pistorius has apologised for the timing of his comments following his loss in the Paralympic T44 200m final. He criticised the International Paralympic Committee, saying Brazilian gold medallist Alan Oliveira's artificial legs were too long.

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