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Tom, Dick and Harry

Prince Harry smiling

Prince Harry smiles during a visit to Bacon's College in London. Recently, the British Royal Family said nude photographs of Prince Harry cavorting with friends on holiday in Las Vegas were genuine. Photo: AFP/Chris Jackson

Today's Phrase

'Tom, Dick and Harry' is a phrase used to describe everyone, or people in general.

For example:

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a mobile phone these days.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can tie their shoelaces - it's not difficult.

It was so crowded at the party - why did they invite every Tom, Dick and Harry?

Don't confuse it with

'A clever dick', which is the name given to someone who tries too hard to show people how clever they are and appear self-satisfied.

For example:

He's always talking loudly in lots of different languages - he's such a clever dick.

Interesting fact

Although the phrase 'Tom, Dick and Harry' means people in general, the picture above is, of course, not any Tom, Dick or Harry but Prince Harry whose official title is HRH Prince Henry of Wales. He is third in line to the British throne (after his father Prince Charles and older brother William, the Duke of Cambridge).

A U.S. website recently caused a stir by publishing naked photos of Prince Harry partying in a private Las Vegas hotel room. The Prince is a Captain in The Blues and Royals, a cavalry regiment of the British Army Air Corps.

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