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As good as gold

A gold post box in Isleworth, London.

A post box in Isleworth, London, which was painted gold to celebrate Mo Farah's Olympic gold medals. Photo: Oli Scarff

Today's Phrase

If someone is as good as gold, they are very well behaved. This phrase is most often used when describing children's behaviour.

For example:

You'll have to be as good as gold during the wedding – don't go running off in the church!

Daddy bought me a new toy for being as good as gold today.

I was so worried that Sarah's little girl was going to be scared of the animals at the zoo, but she was as good as gold.

Don't confuse it with

If someone has a heart of gold, they are very kind and helpful.

For example:

My uncle Ronnie does a lot of volunteer work in the local community – he really does have a heart of gold.

Interesting fact

Post boxes around the UK have been painted gold in the home towns of every gold medal-winning athlete from Team GB. This is the first time that post boxes have changed colour since 1874, when the iconic red colour was chosen. It took ten years to paint all of the UK's post boxes, which were originally green to blend in with the landscape.

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