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Ride it out

Great Britain's Bradley Wiggins races in the Men's Individual Road Cycling Time Trial

Bradley Wiggins of Great Britain wins gold in the Men's Individual Time Trial in the Road Cycling on day 5 of London 2012. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain.

Today's Phrase

To ride something out means to get through something that is difficult or unpleasant.

For example:

I lost my job and can't spend a lot of money at the moment - I'll just have to ride it out until I get a new one.

Jonathan had never run a marathon before - he was tired even before the halfway mark, but he managed to ride it out and finish the race.

I can't believe the prime minister rode out that scandal and is still in office!

Don't confuse it with

If you ride a wave, you join in with popular activities or share common opinions.

For example:

The British public is really riding the wave of cycling after Bradley Wiggins' success.

Interesting fact

Bradley Wiggins won a gold medal in the Men's Individual Time Trial, giving him more Olympic medals than any other British competitor. It took the cyclist 50 minutes and 39 seconds to complete the 44km course. His victory comes just six days after he became the first British cyclist to win the Tour De France.

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