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News Words: Champion

Champions (Matt Neal (centre) the BTCC Champion of 2006 on the podium with Gordon Shedden   (right) and Fabrizio Giovanardi (Ieft), at Silverstone)


The BBC's Clare Arthurs looks at some of the words and phrases often used in the news and their meanings in various contexts.

Today: Champion

Uses of 'champion'


someone (most often a sportswoman or sportsman) who's won a competition to become recognised as the best in their field, e.g. a champion of karate, boxing champion, world champion


someone who campaigns for/supports/promotes a particular cause, who organises activities, communicates ideas or acts as a catalyst for change, e.g. farmers' champion, audience champion

to champion

to defend/represent a particular cause


extremely good, excellent (colloquial), e.g champion performance


1: a high-level competition; 2: the support for a particular cause

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Examples from the talk

He abandoned pop music to devote himself to Islam, and has championed Muslim schools in Britain.

Civil-society activists in Syria have questioned the credibility of the United States to champion the cause of democracy in the Arab world.

Tony Blair champions new DNA technology.

More examples from BBC websites

Former world champion Kimi Raikkonen will not be racing in Formula One next year after failing to find a drive...
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Being memory champion takes a huge amount of preparation - practicing the tasks and getting your mind used to concentrating for long periods of time...
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Wales' rural affairs minister and chief vet are named farmers' champions by a magazine for their efforts to tackle bovine TB...
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Keir Hardie devoted his energy to promoting the Labour Party and championing equality, particularly in the cause of women's suffrage...
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A challenge for you

If there is a cause you would like to champion, what exactly would you do to make yourself heard? Also, is there a champion whom you have either met or heard about, whose story has impressed you? Send us your short 'news story' making sure you use the word 'champion' in it.

We'll publish our favourite ones on this page.

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Young Jung, South Korea
South Korea has been the champion in the computer memory chip market for a decade or so, competing harshly against Japan and Taiwan. Samsung Electronics is the representative company which has struggled to champion the dominace. However, there is a long way to go forward because IT trends are changing dramatically from hardware based to software based. Therefore, I argue that South Korea lawmakers should make efforts to champion the policies to incubate more venture software enterprises to stride farther domestically and internationally.

Sumo, Japan
Sumo is the traditional national sport of Japan, but i is not popular among Japanese boys to become a sumo wrestler anymore. Despite championing meaning of nationality by the sumo association, a series of foregin champions has been dominating the sumo for more than 10 years.

Thomas, France
As I've been a dolphin fan since my childhood, I'd really like to champion for dolphin fishing to stop.Why ? Because dolphins are champions among animals ! And their senseless slaughter worries me intensely... So, be sure I'm ready to spread my championship all over the Internet against those fishers !

Djahida T, Algeria
The Algerian national football team will be the only team to champion the Arab football in the world cup in South Africa, go ahead ZIANI, MENSSOURI, ANTAR YAHIA, BOUGUARA, HALLICHE, LAMOUCHIA, GHAZEL, SAIFI, YABDA, MEGUANI, MATMOUR, DJABBOURE, BELHADJE, GUAWAWI et CHAWCHI and the best coach SAADANE you are the champions, good luck!

Kim, Vietnam
Chosing a point of view to live is not easy and this view helps us to link all of people together. I know a lot of catholic and buddhist nuns in Center of Ophenage such as champions who have changed homeless- children' life. They have champion characters like the saints. They have championship about the efforts to defend human life more than all of us, hard-to-make happiness- for- others men. They are champions, whom I love.

Feriel, Algeria
I congratulate the algerian team for their qualification to the World Cup 2010.I champion them and all the Algerians especially with what happened in cairo when they have been injured by the Egyptians .What is amasing is that the Egyptians haven't swollowed the defeate and they say and write whatever crossed their minds without taking account of anything....We are the champions !

Ali, Somalia
actually,if I would like to champion I would do to make myself be heard by making better skills on the global stage. Today there are alot of champion impressed me like football champions which i often dream to be a memeber of them.

Raul, Spain
Some months ago, we kicked off a project in my company. My boss championed the project and nowadays we are in line with defined goals.

Daniel, America
Thierry Henry is probably now the most famous football champion since his hand "treachery".But world championship must go on as the lucrative entertainment it has become through years.Poor Henry ! He never champions this type of football !

Fabiana Bevis, Italy
We often see sports personalities depicted by the media as the heroes of our time.With their Hollywood lifestyle many sport champions appear in glossy magazine and popular chat show,earning large amount of money. There are many men and women who dedicate their life to champion the cause of cancer resource without personal gain.For the past year I have champion a local charity that help women who have had breast cancer.Is not glitzy work and you are not treated like a champion but the personal reward is priceless.

Jan, Sweden
I'd like to champion a movement against all forms of keeping the same political leader in power for years and years as it happens in many countries (Cuba,Syria, Korea, Egypt, Libya,etc) The UN should declare the continuous keeping of political power over a four-five years period as a strong addictive factor like addictive drugs do.

Jean, Taiwan, R. O. C.
The health insurance system in Taiwan is well-known for its championship of people's health care. Our people have benefited from it for its cost-efficiency since a decade ago. But, the new government is planning to raise the insurance premium while a lot of people lost their jobs under present economy downturn. I wonder if there is anyone who has the power to champion for the health care of the impoverished and the unemployed.

Sibele, Brazil
Well, I would like to champion the cause of vageterianism and show to people that is a very important topic these days. Most of people doesn't have any idea about the origin of their food, especially the meat. I think that perception of a feeding conscious may multiply itself in our own houses and families. That is what I'm trying to do.

Yumna, Pakistan
i would like to heard my name as a champion in my study specially in mathematics.yeah!our cricket team won the Ttwenty world cup,and they would be a camopion of a pakistani i feel very proud.

Thierry, FRANCE.
Thierry Henry is probably now the most famous football champion since his hand "treachery".But world championship must go on as the lucrative entertainment it has become through years.Poor Henry ! He never champions this type of football !


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