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News Words: Aid



The BBC's Clare Arthurs looks at some of the words and phrases often used in the news and their meanings in various contexts.

Today: Aid

Uses of 'aid'

to aid

to give support, help or charity


help or support given for free

aid workers

people who help deliver aid

economic aid

donations, or low interest loans given by governments to governments

military aid

giving weapons, or training for soldiers

humanitarian aid

aid given at a personal level, like clothes or food, for example after a natural disaster

first aid

basic medical help given as soon as possible to someone who has been hurt in an accident or suddenly become ill

hearing aid

a small device, usually worn in or behind the ear, that helps you hear better

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Examples from the talk

Eritreans must look to international aid to prevent starvation devastating their impoverished population.

Britain and India have confirmed that they have suspended military aid to Nepal following the King's declaration of a state of emergency earlier this month.

Mr Kim said North Korea would go to the negotiating table at any time but the United States had to show sincerity - a reference to Pyongyang's demands for economic aid.

More examples from BBC websites

South Korea has offered about 10,000 tons of corn to North Korea, in what would be the first official aid to its hungry neighbour for almost two years... more about this story >>

A French aid worker has been kidnapped by gunmen in Sudan's western region of Darfur... more about this story >>

In the UK, only one in 13 people feel confident they could carry out first aid on those ill and injured... more about this story >>

A challenge for you

Why do you think giving aid is such an important human practice? Do you know anyone who has ever received aid? Or given aid to someone else? Send us your short 'news story' making sure you use the word 'aid' in it.

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I work in institution, which help families. In my opinion giving aid is very important to repair families it's sth like giving first aid person who needs it. It's not only a money and material things. They need sth more, they need be listen. This is aid which every people can give, we must do it. Giving aid it's means be a human!

Tariq, UAE
Road injuries could lead to death if first aid not available within accident boundaries.

Selma, Turkey
I think aiding is a kind of "payback", or something we owe to others. There are some aid organizations in every country, and there are international ones. After disasters, earthquakes, floods, wars, etc. these organizations deliver aid as soon as possible where help needed. For example in Turkey "Kızılay" (Red crescent) is a governmental aid organization. And there are also nongovermental organizations. Unfortunately aid organisations sometimes challenge financial offences, because aid always based on the money that given by people who wants to support. For that reason until last decades sometimes it could be hard to trust aid organizations. After a couple of scandals, now, as the control mechanisms are stricter, I think people can trust aid organisations.

..,saudi arabia
In my opinion the economic aid is very important to help the poor countries..because some of population's countries are dying because of hunger and the aid from the rich countries maybe can stop this dying

Kaveh , Iran
About 10 years ago an earthquake killed hardly 40'000 people and about 10 years before that killed another approximately 40'000 in my country. I think the best aid is to educate people, how they can prevent some disastrous events.

Jing, France
A french association "Lumière de Chine" has aided a lot of children in the province of Guangxi in China. Its work is try to find for those non-schooling children, specially girls, warm-hearted pepole who are happy to sponsor their studies. With the work of those aid workers, more and more girls in this province can go to school in nowadays. Giving aids to others is an important practice in nowadays. Let's offer more compassion and support to others in need of help.Jing, France

Mohammed Al-Haj YEMEN
giving aid is one of the most humanrian actios toward poor people, refugees, orphans, displaced, and people who faced a big difficulties in their lifes.

Ahn Gwangdeok, South Korea
Giving aid is not only good deeds but our duty. Quoting John Rawls' theory of justice, all social primary goods are to be distributed equally unless an unequal distribution of any or all of these goods is to the advantage of the least favored. I totally agree with this theory. Those who are relatively rich should take responsibility for those who are not, since the former haven't obtained such wealth on their own but through benefits from a social system humankind created. Giving an aid is paying back our debts to the society and the poors, so to speak. Yet one thing is that we should assure that the aid we offered is used rightly to where it is needed. South Korea has provided North Korea with huge amounts of official and unofficial aid, but North used to divert the aid to other purposes like developing nuclear weapons or building up its military strength leaving its people to starve. Thus, we will have to offer aid for poor countries calling in it, and at the same time monitor the aid so that it is not used as black money.

Hyeji, South Korea
Whether we expect or not, there are always a lot of unwelcomed situation like natural disaster or war in the world. Could be to you or myself. My self is not a real philanthropist but I guess I feel a sort of responsibility for even world. Nobody doesn't need to deserve that sort of agony, pain and misery. I know that even a very little aid can make a difference. I've seen it a lot, heard it a lot. My favorite writer is also a team leader of World Vision of Korea. I got a lot of inspiration by her. In her book,she appeals a lot to the people that very small aid can rescue many lives. I think there is no basic level can aid other people. It's just depends of our mind. Once If we spare our little things, it can make a big effect on the world.

Sophie, Taiwan
The terrible typoon came to the south of Taiwan on 8th August. Many people died or were wounded. A lot of people became homelessnesses,because their houses are destoyed. As soon as aid workers came to help them, and many people provided a lot of aids too.

Saudi Arabia
Man is civil so he can't live alone or without his friends . So giving adis to people who are in trouble all over the world is a useful thing as you give them the hand of mercy in their hard times.

Yusuf, Somalia
Hi to give peaple aid is very useful and to help each orher is very kind for all mankind.

Anh, Vietnam
There are many people in some parts of Vietnam need aid, especially after a disaster. More and more torrential flooding occur in the mid of Vietnam, i once saw by my eyes the people there trying their best to avoid the flooding as much as possible but hundreds houses were destroyed eventually. I hope aid workers would give support to those poor people in my country.

Nuryani, Indonesia
In my opinion, Aid is very important human practice. There are so many countries in the world who need aids because of so many reasons,such as disasters, war, famine, poverty etc. I believe naturally , we all have humanity feeling and all religion teach us to do good things like charity in any form. Maybe aid we are giving not always be able to solve the problems but at least will help especially to the people who need most. Recent earthquakes in Indonesia needed aids from people around the world. My family and I gave some amount money for aids. Maybe the amount we gave not much but it will help at least 5 people to be survived for one week, if there are some other people like us it will help more number people. Sometimes we need loooking around not only focusing on ourselves. There are other people who trying to reach our hands for help. We try to put our selves in their position , feel their pain, their sadness, their unfortune, surprisingly you will be thankfull to God for what you are and we'll get emotion to help other people whoever needed no matter race, country or religion without any expectation of return like praises, names,fames ,etc but with your genuinely ,heartfully.

Kim, Vietnam
I am a doctor and I always face on the problems of AIDS patients. They need spiritual aids such as a nice handshake, a friendship smile and They also need a material aids such as a lunch for a woman and a bottle of milk for 6-month children. You think what can happen if you turn off your back far away of poor people. We need alot of time for them. Happiness is to be given more than be received and If you have to receive anything from poor people. Please receive with open-minde heart because it is a behaviour which we need a enough time to learn.

Hosein Af, Iran
I think the best aid is notion aid while the somebody's unable t solve problems.we must to offer them the ways for thinking and finding suitable solution.

Ibrahim, Qatar
Aid is vitally important . It is moral that rich people aid poor ones. This is a moral obligation that only conscientious people fulfil . When a disaster befalls a country , the afflicted people become in desperate need of urgent aid. Food , medicines , tents and clothes should be quickly sent to relieve human lives. Aid donors should send unconditional aid . Aid recepients are not in a position to question the motives behind aid-sending. Aid sent with the aim of imposing conditions on recepients is not regarded aid , but it is a form of blackmail .

Ahmmed, Sudan
Aid is very important to the poor pople it make or who's that people live in teror country it make them very happy when we share with them this aid and when you give some one gift in aid he will any thing you ask him why? because he respect you.that's my opinion

Imtiaz Hussain, Pakistan
Developing countries always look forward to foreign aid whether in the form of economic aid or humanitarian aid.Sometimes, these aids are really really helpful.For example, Pakistan was in dire need of humanitarian aid after a deadly earthquake in 2005 which engulfed thousands of millions of Pakistanis.On this hard time, Aid workers across the world flocked to Pakistan to provide aid in form of food, clothes, make shift houses and money to help build infrastructures.Pakistan is full of natural resources and depends little on foreign aid.It is considered an agricultural hub in the South Asia region.Its Governmental and Non Governmental Aid Agencies always feel happy to provides aid to its neighboring needy countries.

Leidy, Venezuela
Today there are a lot of problems in the world, it is clear, but goverments have: first, to try to look for necessities in their countries, After that, to give aid to others countries. I dont know why some people do not understand it in my country.

Alice, NewZealand
various international organizations support economic aid and hygiene aid to poor contries.It represents humanism.

Ali, Turkey
I think,giving aid to someone in need is very important because maybe one day we will be needy too. if we help other peoplewhen they are getting through difficultiesI believe that we will be getting aid when we have problems .

PH, Paris, France
According to my point of view, Aid is a very important data in our world. It is vital to keep assistance to vulnerable people. And fortunately, we have a lot of non-governmental organizations, charities, in worldwide which work for all kinds of aids in order to perform the life of millions of people. Thank you so much to these organizations and they have to go on their missions and we should join them for these various causes. I know a company in France which designes, produces, and commercialises a revalutionary and micarulous ready-to-use food who saves a lot of people in needs (under-five children, pregnant mothers, people with HIV, etc) in developing countries. Congratulations to this company!!!

Murielle, France
I thihk aid is very important to help poor people. I have noticed that these days (close to christmas time) many aid organisations demand some donations. We must think about it particularly during these moment when everybody are found of spending money in many superficial things.

Chinthoory,Sri Lanka
A-aegis, I-in, D-destitution.yes,timely help is bigger than this universe.In 2004,dec 26...when the tsunami washed out the asian countries like Indonesia,malaysia,India,Sri Lanka.. people were sinking in tidal waves, and also in anguish as losing their beloved relatives and belongings.Humanitarian and medical aid from govt as well as non govt organizations gathered at time for those people.Economic aid from other countries enabled the local govt to rebuild the erupted areas ."An aid in need is an aid indeed"

Mohamed, Somalia
As we somalian wa need aid from international comunity, because we don,t have efective central goverment, but aid workers are vary difficult to work here, because of endles daily war.

Howard, Hong Kong China
Some need help, but giving aid is not a point. What they actually need is a fair opportunity. Farmers farm a plant, receiving $1 each, and chef in europe make it a cuisine for 20USD; assembling Workers make a toy, receiving $2 each, and businessman in europe sell it for 40 pounds. It's not fair. What we should do is help them to survive themself, make them able to trade with others fairly. The wealth become even, no one needs aid anymore.

Cida Mel, Brazil
I think is our obligation to help the ones who have less than us, if everybody does a little we can help to end starving and the lack of hope from those who suffer so much. Here in my country, many people help the ones in poor living conditions. I've been doing my humble part, donating a little whenever is possible, but I wish I could do more. In Brazil, last year in Santa Catarina, after a heavy rain, that flooded and destroyed many people's houses and many lost their lives after a slideland, those people lost everything and aid came from all the country to help and rebuild the houses destroyed. Moreover, every year, a TV channel raises money to help to build and maintain hospitals that treat disabled children and adults. As I said, I give my small contributions for them. Still I feel very sorry for those hungry people in Africa, I think all the nations must help to take them out from their poverty. It's so sad, it always brings tears to my eyes and pain to my heart for those human beings. I remember Michael Jackson's songs "The man in the Mirror", "Heal the world", "USA for Africa", it will be difficult to find someone with a good heart like him that worries about the poor, now that he's gone. Hope the future will be better for all the nations and that no children die from starving anywhere in the world.

Yumna, Pakistan
yeah i think aid is important it could be life and hope for people in a human being it's our duty to look for those people who are facing such a critical sitution and need our aid.

Mercedes, Spain
I think that both official aid and personal aid are in this moment a important way to fire agaisnt poverty. I'm in collaborion with a aid association wich aid workers operate in Sudamerica. I send every month a little quantity of money an they write me the success whith schools, public health.

James, Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, there are many complaints about the out of order of the vehicle of first aid services. Some people even died because of the delay of first aid.

Nguyen Huynh, Vietnam
In my opinion aid is essential for anybody. Sometimes in our life we can get a problem and we'll need aid from the others. When you aid someone else that mean you can give anything that you could for them to solve their problem. It's help them to survive and continue to live. I think that aid is not only giving your money but you can contribute anything that you can such as old clothes, books, ...and even your labor. Let's aid the others who get problem and receive aid from the others when you need.!~

Satadru, India
I was cycling in the morning with high speed. There was a U turn in the road.I could not control speed and hit a tree. I was bleeding from my leg and also got injury on my head.One person came to aid me. He took me to nearby hospital. I was provided first aid facility. After sometime i was discharged from hospital. I thanked that person for this aid.

Suleiman, Somalia
when i finished secondary school in somalia. I started to look for a job, it took me 6 months. I eventually got a chance to work with a relife organization as an aid worker.

Kein, Mexico
Easy, human being need to aid all those people in danger such as pooverty, floodings, wars,earthquakes, famine at heart.Basically we can help to forward just a bit of us such a can food, warm clothes. You might feel comfortably trying to sort out in any of this situacitions without hoping nothing back.

Niru, Australia
In Australia,kevin rudd has decided to aid the asylum seekers who are in Indonasia now.meanwhile he is also giving his best economic,humanitarian aid to his country.

Sultana, Bangladesh
There are many kinds of aid in our world communication. Like economic aid, this is need when a country face under damage by natural disaster. By recieving aid from others people can overcome that bad time.During my study life i need aid from my husband, he always aid and encourage me in every aspect. Even in family life we need aid from each other.

Tanaus, The Canary Islands
Hello everybody out there. I am deeply convinced that aid is a necessity for human beings. The act of helping ohters for free comes directly from God. Nothing in the world is as important as this is: help the poor and the light will guide your footsteps wherever you go.

Billy, VietNam
Personally, i think AID is very useful and helpful for people who has suffered from difficulty or disaster. In my country, there are so many poor and unlucky people, and the government has helped them a lot by money, clothes or food. Those are very important and necessary for them. Being a student, i don't have a lot of money to aid, but i could do donate by old clothes, books to other students who are less fortunate. In my view, i think the international aid is the most important in the country and the government must improve more and more...

Green Star, Iran
As a member of Iranain society I would like to request more aids in terms of International respect for many Iranian people who struggle with the violent close minded power.This movment is for the basic rights that have ignored, due to the fact that some Western counteries helped to limit a democratic movment about five decades ago.At the moment, We need you to aid not in the terms of economy or miltary but we only expect to understand us as the people who are mostly peaceful and friendly to all and their ideasWe need clearly to accept again as an old civilzed member of global village.

yes,giving aid to someone warms our own harts,time after time again, and it never wairs out.I have also seen a mother of five receiving aid from aid workers,there is always, again, warmth in everyones hart,aid comes usualy from the hart.m

Jibril, United Kingdom
As far as know, there are many kinds of aid provided by many organizations all over the world in general and in Vietnam - my country in particular. Aids are not only a help but also the care and share between peoples. A Vietnamese idiom says "a piece when hungry is as much as a bag when full". That can indicate the importance of aid when people suffer from trouble. I myself received a governmental aid one time when i was a student at university. With eligible final term score, i got a certain amount of money from the government. This was really helpful. I could buy more materials for studying with my money and my parents could spend less money. Other aid my family received 2 years ago was for victims of disaster. There was a flood in my home town. Water went up very fast during a half of day and it's highest level was 1.5 metre. All my family had to move upstair and stayed there for 3 days till the flood ended. Power was cut, mobile phone could not be used with no contact and no transaction. Goverment aid as food, clean water, cloth came to victims by helicopters. They dropped them down so many canned food and noodles were broken. But most of them were ok. They saved us from being hungry and thirsty. We got the help, the care and the encouragement. After the flood, victims were aided with money for repairing and buying furnishtures. Some companies and enterprises received financial aid.We were extremely thankful to those aids. We sometimes contributed to charity fund or joined in aiding for victims of disaster in my country. That's show our friendship and encouragement to who is suffering from poverty or disaster or something like that.I know my knowledge about AID is certainly not enough and many things of it i donot know or understand. In general, i always higly appreciate AID. Hope that AID will be given to who need it on time.

Paulo Faria, Brazil
A one year ago, a constant storm affected a state in my country. Most brazilian people aided this state sending food, wather, and clothes. In addition, the governament also aided this state giving money and sending a military aid. Generally speaking, most brazilian people are excellent humaniatarian aid.

Ebi, Nigeria
I want to be a Paediatrician and have my own hospital,so i can give aid to the dying children out there..

Tuong Van, Vietnam
I think giving aid to people in need is a natural thing everyone should do in our society. No need to be a rich successful businessman to be able to help people, to me, it's simply an act to help lessen the pain, the work load, or the loss of people around us.

David, Italy
I have worked in red cross during the bosnia's war in 1995. it Was a great opportuity to give aid to someone. My work consisted to give first aid in the international hospital in sarajevo. Most of the people blamed serbian government to give military and economic aid. Other blame west country because did not send economi aid. It was a terrible period.

Chingiz, Kazakhstan
The aid is not a matter to be taken lightly. I think to help each other is a ability which inheres to humans. There are some people who need an aid of other and that aid is very important. If you take part in this process you are not indifferent. That means thanks to you and similar persons the humane race is not disappearing, instead it's developing.When I was in a village many years ago I met one old woman who had got some aid from one western country. It was some kind of preserved food and she was very happy about it.

Nidhin Chacko, India
It is very important to share things with other people, it may be very basic thing or even may be very sophisticated technology. Giving and taking aid has become very common in this world. When we provide aid to someone, we are showing our willingness to help others in difficult periods. So that we are providing a platform for others to have a feeling to help us in a different manner. For instance, when some calamities occur in a country, the humanitarian and economical aid flowing from countries to that particular nation probably from enemy nations also. Meanwhile these aids helps to reduce the tensions between countries. The best example is when tsunami happened we saw many helping hands to those affected nations with different kind of aids.

Rocio, Peru
In case of a disaster, governments sit together to discuss how to aid the victims, but in many cases we only see economic aid. I believe humanitarian aid is far more important than money itself. Receiving hand to hand encourages empathy among the 2 groups.

Cecilia, Canada
It is important to give a aid to someone who needs help I think it's the part of our value to being a human being here. Maybe to us, it's just a little thing we can do it easily, but for others, maybe it's a big thing for them to hardly achieve it. Sometimes I feel more happy when I can help others out than I receive a help from others. When I first landed Vancouver a few years ago, I was alone and everything was new to me. The feeling was very complicate and I must start my new life by myself only. I have received lots of generous help from people who didn't know me. I still remember the feeling that how happy and grateful when I receive helps, at that moment, I promised to myself, one day, I will give my hand to others as what I have received from.2 years ago, I became a first aid in our company. Nobody asked me or force me to take this license, there is no any economic benefit as a first aid in my company. I had heard about the exam is very hard to pass, if I were fail, I have to pay for all course fee and examination fee. etc. But I took the course without any hesitate. My only thought was, one day, I could be right there if anybody needs me when they sick. I love Vancouver and enjoy my life here because we can feel a warn environment where we can receive aid and happy to give aid to others.Wish Vancouver the best!

To give aid is important because we cannot see how people are dying before our eyes.Every day we see in news how people are dying of starvation.It is very painful to look at this kind of drama.There are many foundations and institutions who aid with everything starving people,but this is not enough to end starvations.That is why we need other methods of aid,like educational aid and economic aid.

Vivian, China
I will never forget that morning when I heard from the news that a deadly earthquake had occurred on May 12, 2008 in Sichuan province of my country. Thousands of people were killed and millions of people became homeless. I was so shocked by the astounding pictures which showed the heavy damage that my eyes could not help getting wet. The first idea came to my husband and I was that what could we do for those suffers. We decided to donate some money to the Student Association of our University. Several days later we were told that the money donations had been handed to the Embassy of People's Republic of China and would be delivered to the disaster area soon. During those sad days, I also saw so many people and International Associations provided their humanitarian aid to China. A beggar even donated all the coins he had. I was touched. It is not important what and how much they contributed but the love they gave. Giving aid is an important human practice in our world as such behavior reflects a spirit of human solicitude that a person should have. It shows that we are sympathetic, concerned, and warm-hearted. It helps people to face the difficulties bravely. It makes us see the light of hope in our life.

Tavo from Chiapas, Mexico
When people ask to be helped, they need to realize that aid is given to help at the moment of any tragedy or need, it will or might solve your problems momentarily, but in order to improve their health or economic status every body have to make a bigger effort to stay away from needing aid.

When I was a child, all the family used to spend its holiday in a resort in the southern Italy and my father would join us a bit later, when he got his work leave. One of his favourite habits was to take a stroll every morning, quite early; usually, in the meanwhile, I would wake up and take my breakfast. Once, anyway he came back from the walk later and his white shirt was all mucked up with blood. I was only eight years old and scaried, thinking he was injured. On the contrary, he was unhurt but only a bit shocked because he had assisted to a car accident where a truck cut the way of a car with inside as a driver, a middle aged man, and as a passenger sitting at the front seat his little daughter. My father immediately understod it was severe and ran to the car to provide a first aid but then he realised that the man was already dead and so his first aid consisted only in giving psychological support to the child, stuck into the car and waiting by her the arrival of the ambulance which came after a while and rushed the little girl off to the closest first aid hospital of the area. I thought my father was hero and since then I kept a sense of pride for himmichele

Negar, Iran
aid is a word like help,it will be more beaytiful when aid use for helping someone to another.i know somebody who aid somone and save his life.he gave his hearth after comma to a boy and himself so happy because he did a humanities proud of him

Carole, France
when happened tsunami on 26th december 2004 in indonesia, i sent an aid in order to participate for humanitarion aid. Indeed, they needed money to give them food and clothes. In my point of view, i'm convinced that giving aid is an important human practice, because we have to build a solidarity between each person in the entire the world. If a day, i will have a cancer (for instance), i would be grateful if you could give me an aid

Irina, Moldova
Nowadays, we are less sympathetic, we are closed, we live in our small worlds and pretend not to observe all the disasters happening around us. Usually only an insistent call for help can make us open our eyes. Humanitarian aid made at a right time is worthless. As asking for an aid is much more difficult for a human being than giving or providing it.

Andri Darmawan, Indonesia
Human being is a purpose-seeking creature. Deep down our conciousness, we always ask, what is our purpose of being.Giving aid is a two way street. It helps the people in needs, and at the same time, helps the person who give, as it will help him/her become a better person.

Konstantin, Russia
Several years ago I broke my leg in an accident. It was late at night so very few people were around. Luckily, a young lady with a basic medical background happened to be there. Her first aid was invaluable as the ambulance doctors later said that I could stay lame for the rest of my life but for the first aid she carried out! God bless the lady (I don't even know her name and have never seen her ever since!)

Shaymol, Bangladesh
In Asia continent there are countries which face natural calamities like heavy flood, cyclone, earthquake etc and Bangladesh is one of those countries. Here in Bangladesh we have faced natural disaster like Sidr, Aila which destroyed the seashore areas. Many houses were erupted, many people died. Many people lost their everything and as a consequence we need medical aid as well as humanitarian aid. People came together to serve the survivors. There were local aid, Govt and Not Govt Organizations aid. also International Disaster Help groups came together to help us specially UN. Red cross provided medical aid.

Kholoud, Saudi Arabia
In my past live was very diffecult . I need to aid from my friend , but they could not aid me because they was outside Saudi Arabia . I am still miss them and need them .

Tung, Vietnam
Simply, when people have not anything or very littel got, they need aid from other peole, organation...we give aid to support them exist. In addition, aid worker will feel meaning of life, more funny and happy. finally, aid is very necesary for kindmanIn my cuontry annual storm usually happen to effecf poor people who have smalest income in social which base on agricultural product. I'm a student, i'm sympathical with them. I shared money, clother, books and some other things to aid when they is not lucky

Arnaud, France
i left my family in order to keep studying in Paris. Moreover, these studies were very difficult and tiring. I met friends who gave me "aid" to pass my exams and i succeded. To my mind, one day or another, everydody needs aid for something.

Koen, Taiwan
In Taiwan there are a few humane organizations,some of which are well-known for their unselfish and helpful support,like "Tzu Chi and Red Cross" that offer humanitarian aid as much as possible to all over the world.In order to show us what "love,trust,peace" are for the people.

Max Brecht, Germany
After World War II. we got help and aid from Churches in USA, especially clothes. I was then 13 years old and needed all sort of clothes urgently.

Hien, Vietnam
hi.I want to give the aid to people.It useful for me and for they, so I hope that I have opportunity go and help them.At some where in the world, at my hometown or even for my neighbour.

Eric, Spain
China gives economic aid to Africa,which will contribute to the development of Africa.Maybe,Africa can use this aid to improve the hygien conditions,to let people there get rid of some diseases.

Tran Thi Hong Nhung, Vietnam
As far as know, there are many kinds of aid provided by many organizations all over the world in general and in Vietnam - my country in particular. Aids are not only a help but also the care and share between peoples. A Vietnamese idiom says "a piece when hungry is as much as a bag when full". That can indicate the importance of aid when people suffer from trouble. I myself received a governmental aid one time when i was a student at university. With eligible final term score, i got a certain amount of money from the government. This was really helpful. I could buy more materials for studying with my money and my parents could spend less money. Other aid my family received 2 years ago was for victims of disaster. There was a flood in my home town. Water went up very fast during a half of day and it's highest level was 1.5 metre. All my family had to move upstair and stayed there for 3 days till the flood ended. Power was cut, mobile phone could not be used with no contact and no transaction. Goverment aid as food, clean water, cloth came to victims by helicopters. They dropped them down so many canned food and noodles were broken. But most of them were ok. They saved us from being hungry and thirsty. We got the help, the care and the encouragement. After the flood, victims were aided with money for repairing and buying furnishtures. Some companies and enterprises received financial aid.We were extremely thankful to those aids. We sometimes contributed to charity fund or joined in aiding for victims of disaster in my country. That's show our friendship and encouragement to who is suffering from poverty or disaster or something like that.I know my knowledge about AID is certainly not enough and many things of it i donot know or understand. In general, i always higly appreciate AID. Hope that AID will be given to who need it on time.

Bonnie, Taiwan
Three months ago, in the south of Taiwan seriously suffered the devastating damage because of the typhoon. Thanks for those sympathetic aid workers and generous international aid. The reconstruction is keep going now. While life is smooth and carefree, we seldom think of aid; oppositely, with a natural disaster, we realize how important to possess first aid ability to an emergency situation and how eager we need aids during the hard times.

Eduardo, Argentina
Its a humanitarian obligation to provide aid to those in great need, such as very poor populations or those affected by any catastrofe, but in every case the overall situation should be evaluated because the government of those people may be very corrupt and use the aid for personal gains, etc.Besides in very poor countries such as subasharian africa, it is so important to provide elemental aid as well as to provide the means to help them to produce their own food and to enhance the production to export some part of it and climb slowly the ladder of poverty.

Shinning, China
On the 12 of may, 2008, a big earthquake happened in Sichuan Province. In a short time, economic aids came to Sichuan from over the country and world. At the same time, some countries provided humanitarian aid. Here, thank you for your kindness.

Mihong, Korea
We live lots of poople, and there are so many different situations in the world. We can't love alone. We have to help each other and give aid to some one who can't live themselve. They had a war, attacted by terrorist. Human beings are equal and aid war victims,daying of famine.

Damelys, Venezuela
My view is that the international aid provided to poor countries, should be aimed at improving the land for agriculture, constant supply of clean water and education. Emergency Aid for a few days solve the plight of the people, while aid to improve the quality of life in the medium and long term, have major positive impact in the people and in the environment.

Nicole, Chile
Giving an aid is such an important practice because of the meaning of help for people in need. Aid not only can be receive in natural desasters or war, aid also can come from friends when you have a problem or when you are passing for a bad, stressing or sad moment. For instance, my father who is a hair stylish had to pass trough a difficult situation when the place in which he worked was burnt down. He couldn´t do anything because he wasn´t there when the desaster occurred. the sadest thing was that he lost everything that he worked, all his profesional equipment. Despite the terrible circumstances he kept the faith and a lot of aid came to him. All us acquaintance were there and this meaned a lot for my dad. Finally he could move on and now he has another work place and he is very comfortable there.

Afaf, Morocco
i think that giving aid is such an important human practice because it's a well known fact that people around the world don't have the same standard of living, consequently a number of people need aid. Fortunately, they are aid workers who are trying to aid people in their everyday lifes. I know a person who had been sent to Darfour by an international charity. So she did humanitarian aid in orther to aid the suffering minoity living in Darfour

Sure from Mty, Mexico
Because every body are expose to have a problem, to suffer a natural disaster so we have to understand that we share the same world and we have to aid us despite race or color.

Gustavo Boechat, Brazil
Actually, we have to be aware in the way we help people. For instance, when governments try to aid people they sometimes are trying to get vote from them. I have never received a penny as an aid, neither my parents, but today there are plenty of people who receive money from government without struggling for it, i.e, they get the money and it is all! We must aid poor people, so my opinion for that is, lets aid them by Sociedade Sao Vicente de Paula (San Vincent of Paul Society). It aids people around the world!

Hong Thu, Vietnam
As long as there are still poor and suffering people on the earth,giving aid should be continued. My uncle, the priest, anually offers aid in form of money to the furthermost parts of Vietnam.

Jesus, Spain
I received economic aid from my government when I was unemployed.

Barbara, Italy
I think giving aid is the most important human practice, because , it is obviously very useful for the people who recive help; and, on the other hand, is the behavior that makes a man a noble and a splendid creature and makes the other men, who witness giving aid, hopefull and more sure that God exists.I think that to see a man, or a woman, healthy and yung or rich, who helps pour people, sick or anyway in trouble, is the most beautiful and amazing experience we can live.A very significant example is yung people who spend part of their time in helping sick children in hospital, making them laughing or plaiyng games, lessening their suffering, without get any money for it.Please, forget my awful english!

Gabriella, Spain
I thing it is not usefull because can't resolve the problems of this country.


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