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BBC Learning English Help page  
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Learning tips: Some quick tips to help you with your learning

i) Learn little but often
ii) Find a topic that interests you
iii) Sometimes try something you don’t understand

Read more on our Exam Study Skills pages
Site map : What's on the Learning English site?
Learn English through a topic that interests you.
Music: English through the words of pop songs and the people who sing them.

Top of the Pops: A video clip from the BBC TV show
Music Directory: Know your bhangra from your house
The Singer and the Song: Meet the singer of the song
Retro English: Yesterday's music, crazes and phrase's
Music in the News: A current musical news story
News: Read, listen to and learn English in this week's news stories.

Words in the News
- every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

- A general news story
Wednesday - A general news story
Thursday - A music news story (every fortnight)
Friday - A general business news story

News Archive
- An archive of stories from 1998
Sport: Learn English through sport! Currently featuring football, basketball and general sporting stories.

Sporting texts: A monthly news sporting story with quizzes and exercises.
Basketball: A monthly basketball feature with learning exercises.
Football - The Issues: Listen to issues in world football
Football - The People: Authentic English from the professionals who live for football
Football - Word Bank: A dictionary of football words and expressions used in this site
Work: Business English: for when you have a job - or for when you want one.

Work skills: Language points and tips to help you find and get that dream job.
Business Words in the News: Understand business vocabulary through news reports.
You,Me,Us: Meet other people interested in learning English. This is your community... so let's get chatting.

Message boards: Join our bbc-elt message boards
Discussion group: Join our email discussion group

Learn It: Ask us a question about English - we’ll try to answer it. A new Learn It answer is posted twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Quiznet: Language quizzes - every Thursday.
Lingo: Commonly used words and phrases

Video Nation: Video clips of real people in the UK plus exercises
Beyond the Postcard
: Practise language - and learn something about Britain

Postcards: Send a postcard to a friend today
Radio programmes: Some of this months programmes
Teachers in Action: A project by teachers for teachers
How to get around the site:

There are several aids to help you find your way to the content you want:

i) Navigation bar
This is found towards the top of every page on the site and will allow you to jump between the main content areas of the site such as News, You Me Us, Sport, Music and Work. This navigation is also available on the left hand side of the pages in the grey shaded area.

ii) Crumb trail eg. Learning English > in the News
A clear path is shown at the top of each page. You can go to any point along that path and link through to the page above in the hierarchy. This is useful if the current page is not what you want but you want something similar or if you just want to know where you are in the site structure.

iii) Search
This can be found in the top right hand corner of every page of the site. It allows you to type in any key words. The returned page lists all the pages on the BBC World Service site that contain those words.

FAQ: (Frequently asked questions)

Please read our handy tips below to help solve any of your audio problems or use the following links to help you.

Installing a RealPlayer is advisable (see downloading the free Real player). The BBC World Service audio is mainly encoded for Real Audio version 4 which should be accessible using either a Windows Media Player or RealPlayer Version 4 and above.


i) How to listen to BBC World Service audio
ii) Having problems with your audio?
iii) "I can't hear the audio clip"
iv) "I can hear other audio but not this clip"
v) "I can't download BBC World Service audio"
vi) Read The BBC audio guidelines

How to listen to BBC World Service audio

Getting the audio player

For optimum listening BBC World Service recommends that you download a RealPlayer. You can download the basic player for free. Follow our simple 3 step instructions for downloading the free RealOne Player.

1) Clicking on the link above will see you arrive at a form. Choose your nearest country location. Click on the new pop up window to download the player.

2) When prompted choose save/or save to disk and specify the directory where you want the installation programme to be saved.

3) When the programme has finished downloading onto your hard drive you will be asked if you want to install the programme.
Click Yes and the programme will install on your machine.

Once installed, click on any speaker on the BBC World Service site and you will be able to listen to any of our programmes or audio content. If you are still encountering difficulty listening to web site audio contact to solve any technical problems with the players themselves.

Having problems with your audio?

i) "I can't hear the audio clip"

Has the file definitely loaded or is it still waiting to load?
Is your player displaying the title of the clip?
If not the file probably hasn't loaded.

If the title of the clip is displayed and the numbers in the bottom right hand corner of the player appear to be counting upwards then check that your speakers or headphones are plugged in.

Check the volume control on your speakers and your computer to see that they are not turned down or muted.

Still no joy? E-mail us and tell us which piece of audio you are having trouble with. Try to include information about the content and the URL of the page you found it on.

ii) "I can hear other audio but not this clip"

Is the audio you can hear on the BBC World Service site or another site? Check the other site to see what audio format they are providing. It may be that the audio format on their site is different.

If the audio format is the same, are you using a RealOne player or another player? At present BBC World Service is only able to encode audio for RealOne players. Microsoft's windows media player is also capable of playing Real Audio files. If you are using a player other than these we cannot guarantee that you will be able to listen to BBC World Service content.

iii) "I can't download BBC World Service audio"

Due to copyright issues BBC World Service audio can only be streamed over the internet and is not available in a downloadable form.

Copyright: All rights, including copyright, in the content of these BBC web pages are owned or controlled for these purposes by the BBC.

In accessing the BBC's web pages, you agree that the content is for your own personal non-commercial use.

You are not permitted to copy, broadcast, download, store (in any medium), transmit, show or play in public, adapt or change in any way the content of these BBC web pages for any other purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission of the BBC.

Read more on Copyright conditions - from BBCi.
Video: General technical help is available from BBCi Online:
Click on the link below for audio/video help and advice.

How do I listen or view video?
Languages: Learn with a selection of activities in your own language.

Contact us:
  Email BBC English - English teaching and Radio questions
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Email Roger Woodham - Specific Language questions only
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Email World service - General World Service questions
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