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 'house' or 'home'
at home
Ewelina from Poland asks:

Please explain the difference between ‘house’ and ‘home’.
Roger replies:more questions

House describes a particular type of building.

Home is the place where you live and feel that you belong to.

Compare the following:

  • 'Most people in Britain live in semi-detached houses.'

  • 'We’re going to buy Emma a doll’s house for Christmas.'

  • 'The Houses of Parliament in London are visited by 50,000 people each year.'

  • 'I’ve enjoyed living abroad for the last six years, but it’s time for me to go back home now!'

  • 'We were at home in bed when our car was stolen from outside the house.'

  • 'These children need a good home and we are in a position to give them one.'

Note also the differences in meaning and use between 'houseproud', 'housework' and 'homework', 'homesick' and 'homeless'.

Study the following:

  • 'I did my housework (i.e. cleaning the house) this morning and my homework (work given to me by my school to do at home) this afternoon.'

  • 'People say that I’m houseproud because I spend so much time cleaning the house so that others will admire it.'

  • 'She said that she was missing her home and family so much. She sounded really homesick.'

  • 'I am homeless. I have no home to go to.

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