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Men's body image

A bodybuilder

Is this your idea of the perfect body?

Women are not the only people who worry about how they look. Research has found that men are also concerned about their body image - meaning that men worry about their physical appearance or how they think other people view them.

But where does the pressure to look good come from - and what should men really do to feel good about their bodies? Two handsome men, Rob and Finn, discuss the subject and look at some words related to body image.

This week's question:

In a survey by the University of the West of England, what percentage of men said they were unhappy about their body?

a) 20%

b) 55%

c) 80%

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Men's body image

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body image

how you feel about your physical appearance or how you think other people view you


a period of physical exercise


physically attractive (often used for men)


being too interested in yourself and your appearance


a particular way of how you think or understand something


large chest muscles (short for pectoral muscles)

beer belly

slang expression describing a fat stomach, often caused by drinking too much beer over a long period of time


making muscles appear bigger


strong, muscly and attractive man


being overweight or fat in a way that causes health problems


something that is meant to impress but is not very useful

beauty is only skin deep

someone's character is more important than how they look