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Brazilian economy

Brazilian money

New notes were printed in the 1990s

Brazil is one of what we call the 'BRIC' countries, along with Russia, India and China. Many people believe these economies will play a big role in beating the global financial crisis.

These countries are attracting a lot of foreign investors. But is Brazil a good place to invest your money? Rob and Grace talk about making money and teach some business-related vocabulary.

This week's question:

What's the name of the Brazilian currency? Is it:

a) the Brazilian peso
b) the real
c) the guarani

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Brazilian economy

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pieces of paper money

at a crossroads

(here) at a point in time when it could do well, but a lot needs to change first


against inflation; inflation is the continuous increase in prices of goods and services

to build on

to use success to do things and become even more successful

interest rates

percentage a bank or company pays you when you give them your money, or the amount it charges you when you borrow from them


money you earn after you pay costs


dangerous; having the possibility of something bad happening