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Brazilian football

A football

That's all Brazilians want to see: the ball in the other side's net!

Brazil is hosting the World Cup. For many Brazilians, the sport is coming back to its spiritual home because of the high profile it has in the country.

Rob and Grace talk about the 'beautiful game'. Learn some expressions about social classes and football.

This week's question:

How many goals did Pele score in his career? Was it:

a) About 700 goals
b) About 1,200 goals
c) About 1,600 goals

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Brazilian football

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to kick off

(here) to start something; the first kick of the game when two players from the same team in the centre circle play the ball and start the match


extreme lack of money or resources

social mobility

ability to go from one level of society - one class - to another

middle class

level in society where people typically can own a house, a car, buy food and live comfortably


player who kicks the ball to score goals


football player who stops the ball from crossing the goal-line and is allowed to use his hands to do that

to boast

to speak with pride


the wooden sticks which form a frame and have a net attached to them