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Brazilian music

A carnival reveller

Fancy dress and a contagious beat fill the streets of Brazil during the Carnival

Brazilian music is famous throughout the world - and is set to take centre stage during the summer of 2014 when the football World Cup tournament comes to Brazil. Rob learns more about the bossa nova in his discussion with Brazilian colleague Grace.

Also taking part in the programme is the Brazilian singer Monica Vasconcelos. Discover more about the traditional - and not so traditional - sounds of Brazil, and learn some music-related vocabulary.

This week's question:

When was the song 'The Girl from Ipanema' recorded commercially for the first time? Was it:

a) 1955
b) 1962
c) 1969

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Brazilian music

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out of tune

singing or playing notes that are at the wrong pitch

recording artist

a singer or musician who creates and releases music either through a record label or independently


more serene, calmer


more controlled, discreet


cool, funky, smooth

to be into something

to be interested in something


the words of songs


(here) making less complex