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Coffee addiction

Two cups of coffee

Are you addicted to coffee?

Do you have a strong need to keep drinking coffee? Scientists are warning about the effects of being addicted to caffeine - the stimulant found in coffee.

In 6 Minute English, Rob and Finn talk about the dangers of drinking too much coffee, and look at some language associated with addictions.

This week's question:

Which country drinks the most coffee per person? Is it:

a) Egypt
b) Finland
c) Italy

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Coffee addiction

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someone who likes doing a particular activity very much and they can't stop doing it


eating or drinking something

in moderation

(here) not drinking too much


pleasant smell


natural substance found in tea and coffee that makes you feel awake


substance that makes you feel more awake when you eat or drink it

psychoactive drug

a drug that affects how a person feels and sometimes how they behave


medical condition where you are unable to sleep


a pain in your stomach when it can't process the food you have just eaten

high blood pressure

blood flowing around your body at a higher pressure than is normal


having little energy

withdrawal symptoms

physical and mental effects of stopping doing a regular activity