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Modern offices

An open-plan office

The BBC newsroom is an open-plan office

Millions of people work in open-plan offices these days. They use computers, make phone calls, and discuss tasks with their colleagues in a big room full of desks and no walls between these desks. But is it a good environment to work in?
Rob and Finn work in an open-plan office. Do they like it? They talk about the pros and cons and teach some work-related vocabulary.

This week's question:

What do we call a kind of noise that contains the full range of sounds that humans can hear? Is it…

a) white noise

b) green noise

c) pink noise

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Modern offices

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open-plan office

big office which has few or no walls or rooms inside it


owner of factories who is influential in business


working together for the same goal, exchanging information and ideas


group of people who work for a company or organisation

to take root

to become acceptable and popular

per person

share for each individual


movement, especially movement that is smooth and continuous


rate at which goods are made