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The male brain, the female brain

A man reading a map

Are you any good at map reading?

Do you think that men are better at reading maps?

Are women better at doing several things at once?

New research from the US says they are, and it can explain why. A team from the University of Pennsylvania says male and female brains are connected in very different ways, and this means that men and women are better at doing different things.

This week's question:

How much does the average human brain weigh? Is it:

a) 1.4 kg

b) 2.2 kg

c) 3.6 kg

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


The male brain, the female brain

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(informal) clever, intelligent

rack my brains

think very hard to answer a question or solve a problem


half (of something round in shape)

to navigate

to find your way around a new place, often using a map


doing several things at the same time

attention span

the maximum amount of time that you can concentrate on one thing


designed to work in a particular way which cannot be changed


a statement that is often true but based on limited information



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