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Are you a winner?

Lotto tickets

A lottery is one way of becoming a millionaire - if you're very lucky!

Are you someone who is addicted to entering competitions? If you are, you could be called a 'comper'. These are people who can't resist the chance of winning prizes - from a box of chocolates to a new speedboat.

You find competitions everywhere: on cereal packets, in magazines and now on the internet.

Rob and Neil discuss what 'compers' do and why they do it and we hear from one man who has been called the 'king of compers'.

This week's question:

What is the biggest ever lottery cash prize to be paid in America?

a) $590 million

b) $890 million

c) $1 billion

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Are you a winner?

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success you have by chance not by using skill


a slang term for someone who regularly and enthusiastically enters competitions


rewards you get for winning something like a competition


a game where people buy a lottery ticket hoping that their numbers are chosen by chance in the draw so that they win a money prize

hooked on

(here) enjoying doing something and doing it as much as you can

the lure

the attraction (of doing something)


short, easy to remember phrases used in advertising


often seen in public and in the media


(here) a man who is very good or skilled at something


someone respected and who people speak to for advice about something (here it is winning competitions)

the odds

the chances of something happening

one in a million

an extremely unlikely chance (of something happening)