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Cinema etiquette


Popcorn - tasty, but noisy

When you go to the cinema, does the sound of people eating popcorn and drinking noisily really annoy you?

Movie-goers have plenty of bad habits, but what is the proper way to behave - or the etiquette -when you visit the cinema?

Rob and Neil hear about two film critics who got so annoyed with bad cinema behaviour that they drew up a list of rules of what people should and shouldn't do at the cinema, and they talk about one very badly-behaved member of the audience.

This week's question:

According to the Guinness World Records, which country was the biggest box of popcorn ever served in? Was it:

a) Finland

b) Croatia

c) The USA

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Cinema etiquette

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acceptable and expected behaviour in a particular situation


a large building that contains many separate cinema screens


things that stop you concentrating on something else


the place in a cinema or theatre where the audience sits


a system of three of more loudspeakers that allows the listeners to hear realistic sound all around them

film critic

a person who writes about or broadcasts their thoughts about films

dual screening

watching two different screens at the same time

bad manners

unacceptable behaviour which doesn't show respect for other people

code of conduct

set of rules about how to behave in a certain situation


things that annoy or irritate you


making a loud sucking noise when you drink something

a big no-no

something most people don't like