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Technology at the Winter Olympics

A view of Sochi through the Olympic rings

A view of Sochi through the Olympic rings

The 2014 Winter Olympics is taking place in Sochi, Russia. It's the most expensive Olympic Games ever.

For world-class athletes it's a chance to perform to the best of their ability and win that gold medal for their country. And many of them are choosing new technology to help them improve their speed. Rob and Finn discuss the role of new technology at the Sochi Olympics and explain some sports-related vocabulary.

This week's question:

One winter sport event in this Olympics is the biathlon. It involves competitors doing two things but what are they? Are they:

a) Cross-country skiing and rifle shooting

b) Downhill skiing and rifle shooting

c) Cross-country skiing and swimming

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Technology at the Winter Olympics

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go for gold

to try to get the best result possible


people who are good at sport and particularly take part in sporting competitions

give (someone) a helping hand

help someone


designing and planning (here, using a computer programme)

personal best

the best result you have ever achieved

an advantage

something that makes one person more likely to succeed than another


staying in good condition for a long time despite constant use


a race, in which people move around a series of poles, turning first one way and then the other (usually skiing)


(here) a type of turn or move done when skiing


using any type of move you want to


piles of snow you jump over when skiing


made by people and used instead of something natural (for example: fake snow)


move very quickly without much control



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