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Showrooming and shopping

Shoppers at Westfield shopping centre, London

Are these shoppers 'showrooming'?

Have you ever visited a shop to see and test a product but then gone and bought it cheaper online?

If so, you have been 'showrooming' - a new word to describe this activity.

In 6 Minute English, Rob and Finn talk about why people do this and how it is affecting the shops in our town centres. They'll also be explaining some of the vocabulary related to shopping.

This week's question:

Which of these countries has the most online shoppers? Is it:

a) The United Kingdom

b) The USA

c) Korea

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Showrooming and shopping

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break the bank

cost too much

on plastic

on a credit card


an activity where customers visit shops to see and test products before going online to buy them

the high street

a typical street in the centre of a town or village, where everyday shops and businesses are located

a knock-down price

an extremely cheap price


person or shop selling things to the public


(here) getting comfort and confidence from seeing something yourself

a bargain

a price that is lower than usual

shop around

go to several shops before deciding what to buy

product reviews

opinions and comments about what a product is like


looking at things in one or more shops without intending to buy anything


things that make people want to do something, because they know they will get a benefit


support or advice offered to a customer after buying something



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