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Business English: Using technology at work

A man using an old mobile phone from the 1980s

"I'm sorry, my phone isn't working"

Using technology is part of everyday working life for many people around the world. But even the best technology breaks down from time to time - and that often means making a phone call to get help.

In this programme, Feifei and Neil practise dealing with technology-related problems. What should you say when you're on the phone to IT support?

Using technology at work: Key phrases

Describing IT problems:

I can't connect to the internet.

I can't print anything.

I saved some files to my hard drive and they've disappeared.

Asking about IT problems:

Has this happened before?

What operating system are you running?

What version of the software are you using?

Giving advice about fixing IT problems:

You need to install an update.

Try re-installing the programme.

Your system needs a rebuild.

I'm afraid this can't be fixed.


Business English: Using technology at work



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