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Angry people

angry Den

What's made this guy angry?

In this week's programme we are talking about anger - that's the strong feeling you get when you think someone has treated you badly or unfairly.

New research has shown that our modern, fast-paced lifestyle is causing us to get angrier.

We expect things to be perfect and if they're not we stamp our feet like a child!

Rob and Jennifer discuss the things that really make us cross and explain some of the language to do with anger.

This week's question:

In a BBC survey, what was found to be the thing that made British people most annoyed? Was it:

a) Someone jumping the queue

b) Delays on public transport

c) Being kept on hold by a call centre


Angry people

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strong feeling you want to hurt or shout at someone because they treated you badly or unfairly

lose my temper

suddenly become angry

makes my blood boil

causes me to be very angry


showing anger


moving very quickly


feeling nervous or worried so you cannot relax


situations that make you feel annoyed because something is stopping you from doing what you want

red mist

feeling of extreme anger that stops you thinking clearly

(to) curse

say or think offensive or bad things about someone

anger management

therapy or training to help you control your anger


physical or verbal behaviour towards someone