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Restart parties

a circuit board

Where to start: How do you fix this?

What do you do when your phone, camera or kettle stops working? Do you throw it away and buy a new one?

Many of us don't know how to fix things so it's easier and sometimes cheaper just to replace them. Now an international movement called Restart are trying to make us think again. 'Restart parties' are now held to teach people how to do basic repairs to everyday objects.

In 6 Minute English Rob and Jen find out more about these parties.

This week's question:

Approximately how many phones are thrown away in Europe every year? Is it:

a) 1 million

b) 10 million

c) 100 million


Restart parties

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small electronic items



disposable society

lifestyle where we throw away things when they are broken and buy a new one

the forgotten art

the skills that people once had


start something again/ make it work again


book of instructions on how to make something work

spare parts

small bits or parts contained inside a gadget or machine


change to an improved or newer gadget


people believed to be boring and only interested in technology