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The death of the landline


A phone with a fixed line, called a landline, might seem like a thing of the past.

The popularity of mobile phones these days appears to be killing off the home phone, with four in five phone numbers being mobile phone numbers.

But how has this changed the way we live and the atmosphere in our offices?

Rob and Feifei discuss if this really is the death of the landline, and we learn some language related to telephone calls.

This week's question:

How many landlines do you think there are, for every thousand people?

a) 2.9

b) 29

c) 290

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


The death of the landline

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landline telephone

a fixed line, or wired phone

white collar work

office or other work where people dress smartly


voice messages left on a phone



following up on

following a message with another message or call


fast, effective working


the power to decide

screening calls

checking who is calling before deciding whether to answer


busy, exciting atmosphere


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  2. General & Business English
  3. 6 Minute English
  4. The death of the landline