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How noisy is 'too noisy'?

Gielgud Theatre

The Gielgud Theatre was named after British actor Sir John Gielgud, famous for his Shakespearean roles.

How much noise can you stand?

If you're at the cinema or the theatre, noises from outside can stop you from enjoying the performance.

A British actress, dressed as Queen Elizabeth II, shouted at some noisy drummers who were interrupting her play.

In this programme Jennifer and Rob discuss noise tolerance and people's reaction to actress Dame Helen Mirren's angry outburst.

This week's question:

According to an EU publication, what percentage of people in Europe are exposed to road traffic noise levels which are higher than 55 dB?

a) 40%

b) 50%

c) 60%

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Noise tolerance

End of Section


to tolerate

to put up with


unsettling or bothering


stopped (in the middle of doing something)


told off

to give someone a piece of your mind

to tell someone angrily what you think

standing ovation

a period of clapping from an audience on their feet


showing courage


very funny

steaming with rage

extremely angry


members of the public or customers



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