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Living in a tiny space

A doll's house

Could you live in such a tiny space?

Could you live in a house or apartment that was only 30 square metres in size?

There is currently a housing crisis in the UK, where there aren't enough homes for people to live in and the homes that are being built are getting smaller and smaller. People have to become 'creative' with their space in order to have enough room for their family and belongings.

In this week's programme, Jen and Neil discuss the growing number of people who are living in small houses.

This week's question:

Which European country's homes are almost 80% bigger than those in the UK?

a) Ireland

b) The Netherlands

c) Denmark

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Living in a tiny space

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housing crisis

shortage of houses / high prices of houses available to buy

to get a foot on the property ladder

to buy your first house

on the market

available to buy

room to swing a cat

lots of space

to squeeze

here: to push into a small space


having no more than what is necessary


get rid of things you don't want or need



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