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Is silence golden?

A noisy street scene in Bangkok, Thailand

A noisy street scene in Bangkok, Thailand

In this week's programme, we talk about noise and its opposite: peace and quiet.

Living in a city can be a noisy experience. Some people find the sounds comforting, while others move to the countryside to get away from it all. But even those who seek tranquillity can never find complete silence.

Rob and Finn discuss solutions to the problem of noise as well as words and phrases related to the subject.

This week's question:

A new survey in the UK has identified the ten jobs where people are most exposed to noise – noise that can cause serious damage to someone's hearing. Which one of these three jobs has the most exposure to noise?

a) A nightclub worker

b) A classical musician

c) An airport ground staff worker

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Is silence golden?

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noisy mix of loud sounds


loud, unpleasant noise


very loud so nothing else can be heard

to drown out

to stop something being heard by making a louder noise

a vow of silence

a promise or commitment not to speak for a certain amount of time


a state of peace and calm, without any noise


made louder

noise abatement

reduction in noise

music to my ears

a pleasant sound or something you want to hear

silence is golden

saying nothing is better than saying something