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Animal species 'extinction crisis'

elephant tusks

Some elephants are hunted for their tusks.

Governments from around the world have been meeting in Bangkok to talk about how to tackle the problem of the illegal trade in wildlife. This issue is so serious some experts are predicting an extinction crisis.

In this week's programme, Rob and Feifei discuss the problem. They also look at some of the words and phrases associated with this activity.

This week's question:

When did the dodo bird become extinct?

a) In the late 1600s

b) In the late 1700s

c) In the early 1900s

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


Animal species 'extinction crisis'

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caught and killed


no longer exists

dead as a dodo

something that no longer exists or works properly

conservation groups

people who work to protect wildlife and nature


the killing of animals


something taken by force


people who illegally catch or kill animals, birds or fish

a transit route

a way for moving goods from one place to another

endangered species

animals (or plants) whose survival is under threat



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