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War on the roads

Cyclists in London

Cycling can be dangerous. Over 110 cyclists have been killed on the UK's roads in 2012; 13 of them in London. Although there are many cycle paths painted onto roads, bikes are rarely separated from the traffic and many roads are very narrow.

In 6 Minute English this week, Alice and Neil talk about a new documentary called 'The War on Britain's Roads', which investigates the 'battle' between cyclists and motorists on Britain's roads.

This week's question:

The website has made a list of what it thinks are the best cities for cycling. One only of their top five isn't in Europe. Can you guess where it is?

a) Beijing, China

b) Tokyo, Japan

c) Bogota, Colombia

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.


War on the roads

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professional fighters in ancient Rome

aggressive minority

small number of people who behave in a dangerous and challenging way

to address the problem

to do something about solving a problem


in danger


a military unit

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in large numbers