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Disabled doll

Child plays with doll

Children are used to playing with toys that look more ordinary

A doll with irregular facial features and twisted arms has been launched in Sweden to encourage debate about the treatment of people with disabilities. Sean and Rosie talk about the controversy it has been attracting.

This week's question: Which of these sports is NOT in the Paralympic Games?

a) Basketball

b) Cricket

c) Football

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.


Disabled doll

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causing or likely to cause argument or offence

cerebral palsy

A physical condition in which muscles tighten. Caused by damage to the brain around the time of birth.


something that causes offence, often a remark or action


offensive slang for a mentally disabled person


humiliating, affecting someone's dignity

look down on

to regard with scorn or disdain, to feel superior to someone or something