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Africa's economic progress

Young workers in Ethiopian factory

Africa's youth population is a key factor in the continent's economic prospects.

Despite the Eurozone crisis posing potential problems for Africa, the year ahead is looking optimistic after a decade of impressive growth. Neil and Jen talk about this and the impact that Africa's youth population will have on its future economic prosperity.

This week's question: Which is the largest country in Africa?

a) Egypt.

b) South Africa.

c) Algeria.

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.


Africa's economic progress

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what is expected for the future

international aid

aid given by different countries to another to help with a natural disaster or to encourage development


money sent to someone at a distance. E.g. money earned by people working abroad and then sent back to their home country to help their families


the possibility that something might happen in the future

doom and gloom

bad and depressing news


where a lot happens and changes happen quite often



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