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The worst place to be a mother

Mother and children in the Sahel region of Africa

Many children have been suffering from malnutrition in the Sahel region of Africa

Jennifer and Neil discuss a news report about research by the charity Save the Children that looks at conditions for mothers in different countries. Listen to the story to learn where the best and worst place to be a mother are.

This week's question: What was the age of the oldest woman to give birth?

a) 58 years old

b) 66 years old

c) 72 years old

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.


The worst place to be a mother

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to undermine

to weaken or affect in a negative way

to stunt

to stop something growing

a vicious cycle

a bad situation that repeats itself

a food crisis

a serious lack of food

to be at the epicentre (of something)

to be at the centre, at the most important position (of something)

a frontline health worker

a health worker that is in direct contact with the people he/she is helping

to breastfeed

to provide natural milk produced by a mother's mammary glands on her chest



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