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Hong Kong's airport expansion

Chek Lap Kok airport

Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong

Rob and Rosie discuss big plans to expand Hong Kong International Airport because of demand from the booming southern provinces of China. Listen to the programme to find out about what the plans are and why there are concerns from environmentalists.

This week's question: What is the world's biggest airport in terms of size?

a) Denver International Airport in the USA

b) Dubai Airport in the United Arab Emirates

c) King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.


Hong Kong airport expansion

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departure point

a place where you leave from to start a journey

land reclamation

taking areas of water and turning them into land that can be built on


something that causes something else to happen


moving people or things from one place to another


goods carried in a ship or a plane


rapidly growing


task or project somebody is committed to


pieces of work that somebody has to do


an agreement made between two sides in which each side gives up some of the things they want


a person concerned about the environment and who wants to improve and protect it



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