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Bangladesh cyber attack

Keys on a computer keyboard

Jackie and Kaz talk about a cyber war which is taking place in Bangladesh; hackers from outside the country have attacked a number of government websites.

They also explain the meaning of a few phrases using the prefix 'cyber'. Find out more in 6 Minute English.

This week's question: What is the origin of the word 'cyber'? Is it:

a) Latin

b) Greek

c) French

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Bangladesh cyber attack

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a person who illegally breaks into a computer or network, to get access to other people's information

cyber attack

an assault against a computer system or network

cyber war/ cyber warfare

the use of the internet, computers and other devices to attack another person(or company)'s information systems


the virtual, online world of computers and networks


a place which offers internet access as well as drinks and snacks

did not specify

did not say, or give details about

originated from

came from

in response to

in answer to, as a reaction to



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