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Work emails

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Do you think that writing emails is a good way to communicate?

Michelle and Neil talk about a company that aims to ban all internal emails in the workplace. It's difficult to imagine office life without sending them; and for many office workers, sending and receiving emails to and from fellow employees is just part of the job.

This week's question: We all hate getting spam (annoying junk emails), but according to a recent report, which country produces the most spam? Is it:

a) India.

b) The United States.

c) China.

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Work e-mails

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to ban

to stop or forbid something

internal emails

emails sent and received between employees in the workplace


junk emails


something that's determined, fixed or conclusive


implanting, to fix firmly

to get rid of

to stop or clear away

keeping records

keeping evidence of things that happen


using, taking on