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Night skies

Stars in the night sky

Where are the best places to see the stars?

The best places to see stars are the darkest places on the planet, like deserts and mountain tops. Recently, it has been discovered that Exmoor National Park, in south-west England, is one of the best places in the UK to see stars because it's so dark there at night. It's even been awarded special protection status. Find out more about this with Neil and Callum.

This week's question: how many moons has the biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, got? Is it:

a) 1

b) 12

c) 64

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Night skies

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light pollution

artificial light at night which makes the night sky lighter and means stars can't be seen very well


describes the way light from stars seems to shine strongly then weakly


an object which moves around a larger object in space

star gazer

someone who enjoys looking at stars

realm of opportunity

chances to explore a certain area of interest

amateur astronomers

people who study the stars as a hobby