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Swimming Pool

Learning to swim at an early age gives a number of benefits

Rob and Callum talk about swimming, and look at the benefits of learning to swim at an early age.

This week's question: In 2007, the Slovenian swimmer Martin Strel broke his own world record for long-distance swimming. But what distance did he swim?

Was it:

a) 3,268 kilometres

b) 4,268 kilometres

c) 5,268 kilometres

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!



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children who have just learned to walk

to supervise

to watch over a person or an activity they are doing and make sure it is done correctly


the act of supervising people or their activities

second nature

something which you can do easily and naturally


the sound made when something hits the water

to dive

to jump into water, usually head-first


large rings made of wood, metal or plastic